Communications Needs Change Quickly

Leading application developers have been selected for innovative and unique solutions that integrate seamlessly with Kenwood NEXEDGE® digital and other Kenwood two-way analogue radio products.

Since Kenwood's NEXEDGE® digital radio communication system was launched at the end of 2007, it has proven itself to a large, diverse and growing base of customers around the world, who require mission critical, cost effective and reliable communications solutions.

The award winning Kenwood NEXEDGE® solution is based on an open standard supported by 34 international manufacturers and suppliers of radio communication equipment. It supports true digital/analogue mixed-mode, conventional IP based and trunked IP based operation.

Naturally, a flexible and reliable system is just a part of a successful and effective radio communications solution.

To harness and exploit the full potential of Kenwood two-way analogue and NEXEDGE® digital radio equipment, we have recently introduced the Kenwood Solution Developers Programme (KSDP).

Every specialist company in the Kenwood Solution Developers Programme, has been selected for their software and/or hardware solutions designed to work with Kenwood NEXEDGE® or analogue radios. While KSDP members are all independent companies, they are nonetheless part of the extended Kenwood family in recognition of their commitment to delivering the highest standards of quality and service.

The Kenwood Solution Developers Programme underlines our commitment to long term investment in the NEXEDGE® digital radio communications system into the future. The packages and systems shown in this catalogue, range from simple, single channel monitoring software to more sophisticated dispatch, asset tracking and lone worker protection solutions. They represent just the start in a growing portfolio of solutions developed by experts in the field which will allow you to tailor the features, functions and operation of Kenwood two-way analogue and NEXEDGE® digital equipment to precisely meet your needs.